Thank You Notes 2017

This year’s competition is over, and now it’s time to praise everyone who supported us and made Junior Peak Time possible. The organizing team is thankful to our partners:

Brain Games LV – for providing our contestants with amusing prizes. We are sure they will enjoy playing intellectual board games;

Riekstukalns – for offering various kinds to be active this holiday season and encouraging high-schoolers to enjoy winter sports;

Keefa Simply Food – for making sure our participants were never hungry as they enjoyed tasty and healthy natural smoothies;

Lazdona LV – for the delicious yogurts, creams and dairy products which kept us all strong and going;

Vecapeni – for providing our participants with the right vitamins and nutrients in their green salad boxes;

Latvian National Museum of Art – for providing our team with a perfect place for the photoshoot;

And, of course, we are thanking our alma mater – Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and its responsive administration – for helping us organize the best 3-day event for high school students.

Without your generous contributions this event would not have happened, and we are very grateful to all of you for ensuring that Junior Peak Time 2017 was as successful and fun as it was!


…and see you next year! 😉