Guest Speakers 2012

Glen Grant

CEO at GG Consulting

Glen Grant is a CEO at GG Consulting, political and business consultancy that works with such institutions as US Navy, Bulgarian Ministry of Defence, Ukranian Navy, and others. His second company in Latvia is Baltic Health Tourism which looks for Health Tourism partners in UK, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe who are interested in using the spare capacity of Latvian health facilities. Before that, Glen has spent over 30 years as an officer with the British Army, one of the most modern and brutally tested organisations in the world. Glen has also worked in international diplomacy, politics and world class sport. His spare time dedicate for Latvian politics and sport. He is also a volunteer elite performance coach in endurance sports. His specialties include leading, motivating and inspiring, coaching to elite performance, and managing difficult tasks.


Andrius Jakučionis

The Creative Director at TBWA Vilnius

Andrius Jakučionis is a Creative Director at TBWA Vilnius, an advertising agency that works with a lot of international projects in the Baltics. He was the idea creator for one of the biggest events in Lithuania „Varom už Lietuvą“ that took place in summer 2012 and during which National Lithuanian basketball team fans met to support athlets before National Championship. Andrius Jakučionis is currently working with „GreenNight“ advertising agency in Lithuania.

He gives lectures on the importance of a brand name and creativity in business area. Andrius Jakučionis is also a video director in many of the Lithuanian theatres.

Check out his most recent works here:


Kristaps Silinš

Strategic Planner at DDB Latvia


Kristaps Silinš is a Strategic Planner at DDB Latvia, President of Stockholm School of Economics in Riga Student Association 2009-2010. Kristaps enjoys the art of persuasion. This characteristic has made him an able ambassador for Latvia at ESU IPSC (English Speaking Union International Public Speaking Competition) 2008 in London and at L’Oréal Brandstorm 2010 in Paris. If we were to ask Kristaps whether a good strategist requires good powers of persuasion, Kristaps would no doubt reply that a good strategist must always be prepared to start everything from scratch.



Fred Hrenchuk

CEO at BITE Group

Fred Hrenchuk is a CEO at BITE Group since August 2007. Before that he used to work as CTO & Member of Board of Directors and Vice President with Vodafone, Czech Republic. He graduated Economics and Business Administration, Toronto University, Canada. Fred Hrenchuk is an inspirational yet easygoing CEO. Although Fred made it clear that a culture is not something that can be instilled, but has to develop naturally and organically over time, he also shared with us on film his three bits of advice on how a vibrant company culture can be encouraged to develop.