Junior Peak Time

Junior Peak Time is an international business competition  for high school students interested in business and economics. Junior Peak Time gives students the possibility to compete for an alternative assessment of their analytical thinking, decision-making, data-management and English language skills.

Junior Peak Time is a new level of modern education which creates an opportunity to study new material, attend business lectures lead by recognized business lecturers and challenges students to prove their individual as well as team-work skills and talents.

The competition exceeds one’s boarders in a sense of know-what and know-how by providing the most talented students new material of knowledge connected with business and economics and afterwards providing ground for applying the gained knowledge in practice. It involves participants from Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, and is organized in close cooperation with Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.



The video from Junior Peak Time 2013 can be found here:


The video from Junior Peak Time sponsored by Annele event can be found here:


The video from Junior Peak Time 2011 event can be found here: