2010 organizing team


Ieva TurlajaEvery year Peak Time touches hundreds of new bright minds. The virus of Peak Time spreads so quickly that it is impossible to notice when you are in it, the only thing that you realize is that you somehow feel more happy, confident and developed. Already for 3rd year it has found a place in my heart and seeing how it grows motivates me even more. Junior Peak Time is something new and still undefined ergo it will be unforgettable, amazing and unique.

Anna SkačekaThere are three things I love in this life: Challenges, People and Creativity. All this brought me to Peak Time and, consequently, to Junior Peak Time. Here I have been given a unique possibility to be never sure what the next day will bring, but be absolutely confident that whatever it is, it will be outstanding. I dared to be part of Junior Peak Time. And you?!

Aija NovickaI believe that organizing Peak Time is a dare, and I like it! The bunch of emotions and experience it gives is the essence of what attracts me to Peak Time! I am flying in the creativity sky to seek for innovations, but at the same time with feet on the ground and a realistic view on things. And there is a main reason for that! It’s you! I do it to make Peak Time challenging, exciting and inspiring, so that we are heartfully satisfied, while you have mindblowing memories of Junior Peak Time 2010!

Marius Miškinis
Marius MiškinisBeing part of Peak Time‘s organizing team means being as close to business as one can get, it means socialising with fabulous people, building networks for your future, and most importantly, having fun. Organizing Peak Time, and now Junior Peak Time, already second year in a row, I feel that those long hours calling companies, brainstorming on the strategy, and trying to make the event unforgettable were worth it. I hope that You will take the most out of the competition as well!

Sandra Jāņekalne
Sandra JāņekalneJunior Peak Time is The Thing to Do if you are a student, either by being an organizer or a participant. This is where creative minds meet difficult tasks, where people grow, develop themselves and enjoy the time spent together. This is not an Olympiad, this is not just about your existing knowledge. Here you can see how good you really are at working with others, dealing with information that you hear for the first time and using it right away. And I am here for you, dear students – to make this a challenging and fun experience!