Idea authors


Even though many parties were involved while developing and launching this project, the initial Junior Peak Time idea came from SSE Riga students. After coming to the university, we realized that high school education in the Baltic States is very technical and only few of us had any understanding what economics is all about. And then the idea about creating new, analytical-thinking and creativity based contest came to our minds!

We shared our thoughts with the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga administration and lecturers. Everyone fell in love with the idea about providing interesting knowledge and unique experience for high school students. So the project development started. It was decided to make this contest part of Peak Time, globally acknowledged student business competition also organized by Stockholm School of Economics in Riga students.

It is very difficult to mention all who were involved in making this competition happen. We organized student brainstorming sessions, met representatives of state authorities, communicated with business people from all over the world. And now, we are more than happy to see that our idea is becoming true.

Best luck for Junior Peak Time, its organizers and participants!


Aistė Juknaitė Simona Tijūnaitytė
Aistė Juknaitė
(critical approach and never-ending energy)
Simona Tijūnaitytė
(analytical mind and enthusiam)
Modestas Kižauskas Ginvilė Ramanauskaitė
Modestas Kižauskas
(heart and soul of the project)
Ginvilė Ramanauskaitė
(optimism and creative thoughts)